Sunday, March 23, 2014

OSSA 8 MUSIC: The Quadrivium

The Quadrivium - AGMA

The Quadrivium is the second half of the 7 Liberal Arts.

It consists of 4 elements: Arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy.

The overarching topic of the Quadrivium is the study of number and its relation to space and time.

Arithmetic: Number - as such number is a pure abstraction outside of time and space. This aspect of the Quadrivium deals with the different characteristics of each number

Geometry: Number in space - specific shapes can have a deeper meaning. This aspect relates symbolism and it is frequently used in architecture.

Music: Number in time - covers music in general and particularly the topic of natural harmonics

Astronomy: Number in time and space - covers the movement of planets in space and the natural harmonics between the planets when looking at the aspect of time (harmony of the spheres). This is the first time aspects of time and space meet with the abstraction of number thus it builds the foundation for science.

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