Thursday, June 27, 2013

Books on Shaving Mug Collecting

Box With Lonely Scene

Sambo's Free Coffee Token

Mexico and South American Coins

Continental Currency 1776

1881, 1922, 1923

100 Pesos, Mexico, 1977

South American Currency

Headline Majors Cigar Box

Railroad Ephemera

"Thor" Brand Flat Head No. 2 Brass Fasteners

Ponca Factory Rejects

Russian Currency

Gibson's Shaving Soap

1975 Bicentennial First Day Cover

12 Coins or One Dollar

Southwest Conference Commemorative Coins

US Army Canteen

BSA Explorer Silver Award

Key Box Made in Occupied Japan

Lincoln Head Cent Collection

War Savings Bonds: 1945, 1946


The Johnny Cash Collection

The Eddie Peabody Collection

An Old Box

Assorted Cufflinks

Masonic Jewelry

A Football Referee's Whistle

A Fragment From the Berlin Wall

Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue 1909

Grand Templar Tournoi and Reception

Masonic Knights Templar of Philadelphia, 1870