Monday, March 15, 2010

Cathedral by David Macaulay

Just watched Cathedral (1985) by David Macaulay. As in introduction, I highly recommend it. An easy mix of walk around narration by Macaulay and Caroline Berg with an interesting animated story that brings a certain life to the building of a cathedral.

It is worth noting that I also recently read Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth (1989). Granted that there are common elements to the construction of cathedrals and Pillars of the Earth is much deeper in dimensionality, but there are striking similarities between the two works. So much so that I was inclined to do some cursory research to see of there was any acknowledgment on Follett's part of the influence of Macaulay. Found nothing.

Anyway, this is besides my pupose here.

Notes from Cathedral:

The Cathedral is a single unified expression of God's hand in nature.
The Cathedral is a physical representation of the Divine Order of Things.
 Iconography of cathdrals used to teach the pre-literate.
Stained glass as a three-dimensional (sic) picture book of religious instruction.

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